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We Build From The Ground Up

By collaborating closely with architects and engineers in the initial stages of a project, we ensure that we comprehend the owner’s objectives. Through streamlining processes, confirming budgets, and coordinating system designs, we have gained knowledge on enhancing the value of the building. Frequently, trusted design-build subcontractors contribute their expertise in coordinating structural, mechanical, and electrical systems.

Our Core Principles

Thorough Understanding

McDevitt Construction prioritizes a comprehensive understanding of the owner’s goals by closely collaborating with architects and engineers during the early stages of the project. This emphasizes the importance of aligning their work with the client’s vision.

Optimization of Building Value

The company focuses on optimizing the value of buildings through streamlined processes, validated budgets, and coordinated system designs. This demonstrates their commitment to delivering efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Trusted Partnerships

McDevitt Construction nurtures strategic alliances with top-tier architectural firms, aiming to gain a deep understanding of the client’s needs fostering enduring relationships. This highlights the significance of trust and long-term collaboration with clients.

Professionalism and Integrity

The company’s unwavering commitment centers around meeting client requirements with professionalism and integrity. This reflects their dedication to ethical practices and maintaining high standards in their work.

Superior Craftmanship and Customer Service:

McDevitt Construction is committed to delivering superior craftsmanship and exceptional customer service. This underscores their commitment to quality and ensuring client satisfaction throughout the planning and construction journey.

Collaboration and Efficiency

McDevitt Construction specializes in building exceptional teams and establishing schedules that meet owner’s needs. Their collaborative approach, working closely with the design team and owner, emphasizes the importance of effective communication, timely completion, and enhanced building functionality.

Conquering Challenges

Where Our Best Work Thrives


Long before our crew steps up to begin construction on a project, McDevitt Construction’s project management team has provided clients with suggestions based on decades of experience. Clients rely on us to uncover challenges during the planning process so they can be prepared for and solved effectively at the earliest possible stage.

McDevitt Construction Partners excels at building teams, establishing schedules to meet the needs of owners and guide the team to the final goal.

Working closely with the design team and owner, from conception through the plans, we review each segment of the project, carefully considering cost versus benefit. This team approach speeds completion time and improves building functionality.

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Our clients, including many leading architectural firms, repeatedly choose McDevitt Construction for their projects. Recommendations from our clients to others are a testament to our persistent endeavor to fulfill our clients’ expectations by upholding professionalism and integrity.

What People Say About Us

“Our experience working with McDevitt Construction has been a positive one. You consistently provide competitive and accurate bids, keep to a mutually agreed-upon timetable, and produce a top-quality job. We will continue to build with McDevitt Construction as we expand into the future.”

Bill Willitts President, Willitts Design

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Through close collaboration with the design team and owner, we comprehensively evaluate all project aspects, from conception to planning, carefully considering the cost-benefit balance. This collaborative method expedites project completion and improves the building’s functionality.